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Lead & Asbestos Awareness

Lead & Asbestos Awareness


Participants will receive instruction on the applicable legislation and standards in regards to lead and asbestos. They will also understand what lead and asbestos is, what these substances have or are used for, and the health risks associated with them. Participants will be able to recognize lead and asbestos in the workplace, including work that could lead to exposure.  They will also learn about the appropriate steps to take protect themselves. Additionally, they will learn the requirements for respiratory protection and class I, II, and III lead and asbestos operations.

Course Outline

Pre-Requisite: None

Course duration: 4 hours (half day)


At the conclusion go the course, the trainee will:

  • Understand what lead and asbestos is
  • Know the uses of Lead & Asbestos in buildings and other structures
  • Know applicable regulations
  • Understand the health effects of Lead & Asbestos exposure
  • Understand the different Lead and Asbestos Operations (Type 1,2,3) that increase the risk of exposure
  • Learn about Lead & Asbestos hazard controls


To pass this course participants will be required to:

  • Complete a written test; a pass mark of 80% is required


Expiration of Training:

  • There is no expiration for this course however it is recommended to do a refresher every 3 years


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