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Safety Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance

hazmasters id

Taking regulatory compliance and workplace safety to a higher level!

Services Equipment Inspection


We inspect and document your equipment, saving you time and money. Damaged, unsafe equipment is identified by our inspectors and removed from service so workers don’t get injured due to wearing faulty equipment.

Why use the hazmasters id inspection program


Ensure regulatory compliance and legal due diligence when you have us manage your inspections.


Inspection results are documented in our-web based system; reports are available to you 24/7


Track equipment within a facility, job site and organization; assign equipment to a specific worker


  • Free up your safety officers’ valuable time
  • Third party inspections are recommended by manufacturers
  • Our inspectors are factory trained and certified competent
  • Inspections are completed based on manufacturer recommendations
  • New equipment is inspected and tagged prior to purchase
  • Inspections performed on-site or at our facility
Services Equipment Inspection
Services Equipment Inspection


  • Detailed and accurate records available online for all inspected assets, including failed items and items needing service 
  • Updated reports including equipment assignment by job site and individual worker
  • Inspection renewal notification to ensure proactive monitoring
  • Look for patterns that indicate an alternative product may be more suitable


  • Improved monitoring and identification via the high-visibility tag
  • Annual colour coded tagging system for ease of tracking and monitoring
  • Easily identify compliance or quality control issues at a distance
  • Tags are imprinted with the year and month of inspection and a unique reference number
  • Failed items identified with an orange “DANGER DO NOT USE” tag
Services Equipment Inspection

Hazmasters ID Photo Gallery

Examples of unsafe equipment removed from service through HazmastersID

Below are some examples of unsafe equipment that Hazmasters has removed from service for our customers through the HazmastersID equipment inspection program. This is one more way that Hazmasters helps you create safer work environments.


Services Equipment Inspection

Rope Grab With Nail Through It

This rope grab was being used with a bent nail to replace an essential rivet where it had broken off or been removed.

Services Equipment Inspection

Thanks to a HazmastersID inspection, it was removed from service and the customer was notified about this unsafe practice occurring within their company.

Services Equipment Inspection

Unsafe Harness

This broken, unsafe harness was being actively used by a worker.

Thanks to HazmastersID, it was removed from service and destroyed.

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