Hazmasters has the necessary pandemic inventory to help keep your employees safe.
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Sales & Service: (877) 747-7117
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Reopening Safely: Phase 2 and Beyond

Jun 17, 2020 By Amanda McLaren

Does your business have what it needs to make customers feel safe?

We have a number of solutions to help create an environment of safety, including floor signage, plexi-glass shields, and barriers to encourage social distancing and help to protect both staff and customers. Ask us about our selection of KN95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and more. We have inventory on hand and available to buy immediately.



What do you need to keep your employees safe now and in the months to come?

We have tools to help you understand your PPE needs and costs. Ask us about our program to ensure that your staff has the equipment they need to keep them safe in the months to follow. From face masks to sanitizers and disinfectants, this program offers both great value and more importantly, product availability when you need it most.


Is your business preparing to reopen its doors?

Hazmasters can help. Our FREE webinar, Returning to Work During COVID-19, is available to help guide you through the safety steps your business will need to take to operate safely. Ask us about custom-created webinars prepared specifically to your industry.


Hazmasters is ready to help you ensure that your business has everything required to reopen safely. Call a safety expert today.



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