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Sales & Service: (877) 747-7117
Corporate & Purchasing: (800) 434-7065
End to End Pandemic Program

end to end pandemic PROGRAM

Back to Work? Let our Hazmasters safety experts guide you

Over 30 years of experience in creating safer work environments combined with years of service in the restoration/abatement markets make Hazmasters uniquely suited to the challenges of these unprecedented times: we offer complete end to end pandemic solutions to help your business operate safely.

Does your business have what it needs to make customers feel safe?

We have a number of solutions to help create an environment of safety, including floor signage, plexi-glass shields, barriers, and more, to encourage social distancing and help to protect both staff and customers.


What do you need to keep your employees safe now and in the months to come?

Wearing PPE has become the new reality in the wake of COVID-19, and we want tohelp clear the confusion – call one of our safety experts today for recommendations on what you need to keep you and your employees safe.


We have tools to help you understand your PPE needs and costs. Ask us about our program to ensure that your staff has the equipment they need to keep them safe in the months to follow. From face masks to sanitizers and disinfectants, this program offers both great value and more importantly, product availability when you need it most.


Do you have a positive COVID-19 case in your workplace?

Contact Hazmasters to discuss how to move forward in a safe and responsible way. 


Covid 19

Hazmasters is taking steps to limit exposure to and spread of COVID-19. In support of provincial and federal guidelines for social distancing, these changes aim to protect the health of our community as well as our work force, so we can continue to provide crucial services to our customers.

  • Effective today, all Hazmasters safety and IICRC training courses have been cancelled until further notice. We will arrange for re-booking of training courses as soon as possible. The situation is continually evolving and we may need to make additional changes in the future
  • Hazmasters is suspending Service / Inspection work and rental returns
  • At this time, our branches remain open at this time with increased hygiene and safety practices. For product pickup, call your local branch and follow instructions on where to pick up your order.
  • Customer returns will not be accepted until further notice.
  • Please be aware that we are updating our procedures as new information becomes available, and we thank you for your understanding as we try to keep our work environments as safe as possible.

Please call your local branch for any questions on hygiene practices or procedure.


Note: We are currently experiencing high demand for certain respiratory, personal protection equipment, cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Due to global inventory shortages, some products are currently unavailable and have no restocking timeline. As a distributor of products for business use in Canada, please be advised that order fulfillment is subject to business verification and product availability.


Workplace Safety Training

Conney Safety has free online training, in addition to customized online webinars, onsite training and custom training solutions to help you plan for and respond to pandemic safety risks and much more. Start by watching our free COVID-19 safety webinars:


Next, tell us about your specific needs. Our experienced Certified Safety Professionals are here to help you prepare for and respond to viral risk.


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