Contents Efficiencies & Job Operations Workshop

The Contents Efficiencies and Job Operations Workshop is a two-day event, packed with practical ways to increase productivity and profitability for your contents division. The major emphasis for this class is on the packout, recognizing that the job’s profitability is primarily set up by how the packout is executed. Since the cleaning process involves multiple different work stations, like hand cleaning, ultrasonic, electronic, and specialty items, the properly executed packout delivers each item to the proper work station having been presorted in the field. By establishing this cleaning protocol during the packout, new and higher levels of labour efficiency are realized and the contents processing center is then set to move into assembly line cleaning methods where real efficiency can be monitored through the use of metrics. Come and learn these proven processes that will allow your contents department to become more efficient and profitable.

Course duration: 2 days
IICRC approved: Receive 2 IICRC CEC credits for attending this course

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the problem
    • What insurers want from contents restorers
    • How your operation aligns with expectations
    • The answer is in the process
  • Packout – the setup for success
    • Required definitions
    • Inventory categorization – salvageable and total loss
    • Staging the packout – sequence and procedures
    • Elements of a proper inventory – using technology, AIM (Accurate Inventory Manager) software designed by Fireline for restoration contractors that follows Fireline methodology
    • Procedures for how to perform an efficient packout
    • Leadership roles and responsibilities of the Inventory packing team
    • The transport team and their roles
    • Invoicing for the Packout
  • Cleaning – gaining control of labour costs through procedures and internal protocols
    • The contents processing center – assembly line cleaning
    • Using metrics – gaining knowledge of what to expect and how to improve labour productivity
  • Estimating and invoicing strategies
    • A basic outline for estimating
    • Estimating terminology – documentation
    • Simplified estimating and invoicing
    • Consistency brings trust
    • When to invoice
    • How to increase cash flow

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