Online Tools & Interactive Programs
Valuable tools for your safety education

CDC/NIOSH Finite Dose Skin Permeation Calculator
Many models have been developed to calculate the steady-state permeability from an aqueous solution of infinite volume. These do not, however, correspond to a typical occupational exposure scenario. This calculator, however, estimates fluxes, skin concentrations, and amounts absorbed from any size dose applied to partially or fully hydrated skin. Learn more and download the free program.

DuPont SafeSPEC 2.0 Garment Selection Guide
This is a suite of product selector tools giving users a wide choice of options on how to select chemical protective apparel from DuPont. Users of SafeSPEC 2.0 will be able to search for DuPont protective apparel by fabric, seam and design; EPA/OSHA designtion or NFPA certification; hazard scenario; or industry/tasks. If a user has a specific DuPont product in mind, they can use the Double Check feature to see if the garment is suitable for their hazard scenario. This feature is an industry first!

ITC/FLIR Infrared Camera (Thermography) Training
Learn how to use your infrared camera or infrared software with these on demand courses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start, leave, and come back to the course on your schedule from any web enabled computer. Most classes are free!

Lakeland ChemMax Chemical Guide
Access this useful chemical search tool from Lakeland, a manufacturer of protective clothing, including protective clothing that offers chemical protection, flame and heat resistant, anti-static, and disposable clothing. 

Miller Fall Clearance Calculator
When working at height, it is important to know your fall clearance and swing fall whether using a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline. Calculating your fall clearance and swing fall is critical to your safety. When using the Miller Fall Clearance Calculator, calculating your fall clearance and swing fall is now easily accessible any time, any place whether working from a desktop, smart phone or tablet!

MSA is a leading manufacturer of safety products. They also offer an online facility for education and video training. MSA University (MSA-U) offers diverse training programs, both on MSA products and more general information about the technologies behind their products, and the standards they follow for product development.

Oberon Heat Flux Calculator
This program is for the purpose of calculating heat flux received at a surface some distance from an electric arc. This data can then assist you in determining what level of protection (daily wear, arc flash suits, hoods or face shields) you require for your tasks.


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