3M DBI-SALA Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifeline

3M DBI-SALA Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifeline

The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock is a new generation Self-Retracting Lifeline that targets industry segments by optimizing the benefits to customers based on vertical or horizontal use.

The Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifeline comes in multiple lengths and lifeline materials. It’s designed to increase customer satisfaction through its:

  • Patent pending dual label system
  • Reduced unintentional lockups
  • Carrying handle Magnetic retraction control
  • Reduced fall clearance

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Swiveling anchorage & carabiner included 

Ergonomic handle
Designed for easy transport and support during overhead installation.

Magnetic retraction control
The lifeline rewinds at an evenly controlled pace, helping reduce the possibility for harm to people or equipment (compared to solutions with gear-based retraction).

Patent pending dual label system
An extra label stored in the bumper on the lifeline allows users to easily access critical asset information and keeps it protected from damage to help reduce cost of ownership.

1,350 lb. Maximum Arresting Force (MAF)

420 lb. weight capacity

Highly-visible orange energy-absorber cover
Identifies product as meeting Leading Edge standards and allows you to more easily confirm that workers are tied off (horizontal models).

Application Part Number Length Lifeline Material
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503803 20 ft Galvanized Steel
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503804 20 ft Stainless Steel
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503800 30 ft Galvanized Steel
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503801 30 ft Stainless Steel
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503820 35 ft Rope
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503821 35 ft Stainless Steel
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503824 50 ft Galvanized Steel
Vertical (Overhead) DBI3503823 50 ft Stainless Steel
Horizontal (Leading Edge) DBI3503802 20 ft Galvanized Steel
Horizontal (Leading Edge) DBI3503822 30 ft Galvanized Steel


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