DOP/PAO Testing of HEPA Filtered Equipment

What is a DOP/PAO test?
A process that challenges HEPA filtered equipment to ensure it is safe to use in hazardous environments. An aerosol generator is used to convert DOP or PAO oil to an aerosol with particle sizes down to .3 micron. A photometer then measures the amount of particulates in the exhaust air stream.

DOP/PAO HEPA testing is key to creating safer work environments and ensuring HEPA filtration equipment is compliant with regulations and manufacturers' specifications.

  • DOP/PAO testing is available both on-site and within our facilities.
  • Hazmasters has a comprehensive DOP Technician Certification Program that ensures testing is completed professionally, safely and in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Our programs and operations adhere to 6S principles and insurance is in place to cover all facets of the services Hazmasters provides.
  • Click here to learn more about why you should choose Hazmasters for your DOP/PAO testing requirements.
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