Big Bill

BIG BILL®, a brand by CODET INC., was established by Charles E. Audet in Coaticook, Quebec, over 68 years ago. Today, BIG BILL® continues to be a fourth generation family owned business. Over the decades the company's simple plan expanded throughout North America and lead to success. When you set off in the morning to the job site wearing your BIG BILL® workwear, whether you work in zero below weather or in the blazing heat, you can trust your workwear will weather mother nature's uncontrolable wrath and terrain. You may not be able to control all of the work place occurances, but you can make sure you are dressed right, so you can focus on the job. Big Bill carries a wide array of work wear clothing including: Pants, Jeans, Shirts, Knits, Coverings, Coveralls, Bib Overalls, Parkas, High Visibility Customization, Safety Footwear and Outerwear.

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