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Check out the latest safety products that Hazmasters has to offer

MSA Fas-Trac III Hard Hat Suspension

Headaches? MSA has the prescription! Designed for use with market-leading MSA helmets, the Fas-Trac III suspension improves the user’s head protection experience through improved comfort, retention and stability.

DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge Self Retracting Lifeline

Live on the edge with confidence! The Nano-Lok™ edge is a personal, back-mounted self-retracting lifeline. In eye-catching orange, this revolutionary product decreases fall clearance requirements while reducing potential trip hazards.

MSA Gravity Horizontal Lifelines with Bypass

MSA's Gravity Horizontal Lifelines are designed for quick and easy installation and removal. All three models provide 100% tie-off and incorporate MSA’s unique bypass shuttle that enables two workers to share a line.

Bob Dale Super Grip Performance Gloves

Bob Dale Super Grip Performance Gloves feature a Clarino® synthetic leather palm with an anti-slip diamond grip, and a breathable, lightweight stretch fabric for the back of the hand with neoprene knuckles and cuffs.

MSA V-Gard GREEN Protective Cap

A helmet that protects more than your head! The MSA V-Gard GREEN Protective Cap is the world’s first sustainable protective helmet.

Hazmat Systems SafeStation

Say good-bye to the binder! The Hazmat Systems SafeStation is a revolutionary way to manage your MSDS database and other safety information. This system will help health and safety managers take control of their databank, thus facilitating and expediting the transmission of this information to where it is truly needed: in the hands of your employees.

Dri-Eaz Velo Air Mover

The Dri-Eaz Velo Air Mover is a powerful, low profile air mover that delivers restoration grade air movement in a highly portable package. It features a patent pending outlet design that ensures even, broad-path airflow for fast, consistent drying across all surfaces.

3M R20 Personal Rescue Device

The 3M R20 Personal Rescue Device redefines rescue plans and reduces risk by providing a simple and safe solution for personal rescue. It allows for self-rescue by any worker at height and brings the victim down to safety instead of sending a rescuer up into a potentially dangerous situation.
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