HazmastersID, in conjunction with onsite safety programs, helps workers be more accountable for their safety. This is done by building a better safety culture through linking HazmastersID tagged equipment to specific workers and onsite safety reviews. With HazmastersID, damaged, unsafe equipment is identified by our inspectors and removed from service so workers don’t get injured due to wearing faulty equipment.

View our photo gallery for examples of unsafe equipment that Hazmasters has removed from service for our customers through the HazmastersID program.

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Time is valuable. Safety Officers have a full time job keeping up with daily safety issues and often don’t have the time needed to do regular comprehensive inspections of equipment, plus complete all of the documentation that is required. Don’t get caught with equipment that has not been inspected, or with rushed inspections that result in defects being overlooked.

Even brand new safety equipment needs to be inspected by a competent person before first use. Using our HazmastersID program will ensure your new equipment is properly inspected before you receive it so that workers are not waiting around for equipment to be inspected before they can start using it. Free up your Safety Officers’ valuable time by using HazmastersID.

Our HazmastersID program helps make safety simple through equipment inspections, identification, tracking, and reporting on your safety equipment. You get easy, web-based access to your information, whenever and wherever you need it.

We’ll Perform Your Safety Equipment Inspection

  • Save time and resources by freeing up your safety officers
  • Hazmasters’ inspectors are factory trained and certified competent
  • Fast turnaround with scheduled inspections and re-certifications

Better Documentation

  • Detailed and accurate records of all inspected assets, including equipment assignment by job site and individual worker
  • 24/7 online access to your Viewer Account
  • Automatic email notification of your re-inspection schedule

Easy Identification and Monitoring

  • Improved identification with the high visibility HazmastersID tagging system (optional RFID chips available)
  • Facilitates visual quality control and monitoring
  • Builds a stronger safety culture i.e. "Tool Box Talks"

Learn more about HazmastersID with a 5-minute demonstration at your location, and view these resources:

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Looking for an even faster way to access your asset information in the HazmastersID program?

FieldID, the company we work with to bring you HazmastersID, has a mobile app that offers much of the functionality of the HazmastersID online system, but in a handy, compact mobile version.

Use it to quickly identify the owner of a piece of equipment left behind on a site or pull up inspection information while you are out in the field (literally!).

Note that you must have previously registered for a HazmastersID viewer account through the Hazmasters website in order to use the app. Scroll up to the "Request a new account" button above if you don’t already have an account.

Click to download the app:

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