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Posted 10 January 2013, 12:01PM


Abatement Andy Says, "Stay Alert on the Roads!"

By Brad from Sales in British Columbia

Abatement Andy says...

Being safe is not only important at work, but on your way home from the job as well. There have been a lot of pedestrians and cyclists hit this year, and some even killed, not only by cars but trains as well. Wearing high visibility clothing, a high visibility vest or some sort of reflective material is a great idea when walking or riding to allow those around you to see you much more easily. On these dark, dreary winter days and nights, people are very hard to see and taking some simple steps to make yourself easier to see will make sure you arrive home safe. If you listen to music, make sure that is not too loud. Not only is it hard on your hearing but it can block the sound of vehicles, trains and what is going on around you.

On a positive note the days are getting longer! Be safe out there!

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