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Posted 11 June 2012, 12:56PM

Preparing a Jobsite for a Storm

By Ryan from Sales in Nova Scotia

Safety doesn’t end when you leave the worksite to go home, especially when there is a storm coming – maybe even one as strong as a hurricane.

While thinking of more safety tips, I thought to myself, "What would I do if I ran a jobsite and knew there was a storm coming?" While searching for an answer, I came across this article on the HGTVRemodels website, written by Jim Wheeler, that outlines some suggestions on what should be done to help prepare for a storm as strong as a hurricane.

A lot of these suggestions may seem common sense, but most people will be too busy gathering things up, and caught up in the excitement of the storm to remember all these tips. This is why it's important to prepare ahead of the storm and make sure your liability is at a minimum.

  • Step 1: Get help.
  • Step 2: Contact your disposal company.
  • Step 3: Pick up around the site.
  • Step 4: Secure unfinished construction.
  • Step 5: Turn off utilities.
  • Step 6: Secure job-site buildings.
  • Step 7: Safeguard windows.
  • Step 8: Secure your signs.
  • Step 9: Anticipate high-water damage.
  • Step 10: Don't forget your models and your main office.

Check out the full article for the details of each step.

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