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Posted 25 June 2012, 2:15PM

Dangers of Industrial Pressure Washers

By Melanie from Sales in Newfoundland

When you think pressure washer, you don’t always think “danger,” however there are some really big dangers associated with these machines. The use of this equipment by persons not adequately trained or persons not provided with the proper tools, equipment, and safe work procedures significantly increases the risk of injury to workers.

Exposure to a high pressure water-jet, commonly known as an industrial pressure washer, has great potential for causing serious injury or death. The high pressure water-jet can travel at speeds exceeding 3,300 kilometers per hour. Such a water-jet is powerful enough to slice through solid materials or to damage any part of the human body. Even injuries that appear to be relatively minor can be fatal, as microorganisms can be injected into the body through the injury site, along with air, water, and debris.

Debris propelled by water-jets can injure eyes, skin, and body parts upon impact. Water-jet tools and equipment can be subject to inadvertent movement, with the potential to cause harm to workers.

I came across a WorkSafeBC video regarding an investigation into an incident in BC where somebody lost their life while using an industrial pressure washer. It gives a good description of just how dangerous these water jets can be.

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