UltraTech Ultra-Drain Seal, Clear Model

UltraTech Ultra-Drain Seal, Clear Model

UltraTech Ultra-Drain Seals stop spills from going down the drain. The clear material provides an unobstructed view of covered drains, enabling responders to make sure a complete seal is made. It allows you to quickly see if spills are entering the drain through cracks in the surface, imperfections in the grating, or other irregularities that can break the seal. It is constructed of reinforced mesh that is "sandwiched" between layers of polyurethane which increases durability and resistance to tearing. The unique urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains, temporarily sealing to any smooth surface. These drain seals are flexible and non-absorbent. They resist oil, water and most aggressive chemicals, and can be cleaned with soap and water. This product is not intended for long-term outdoor use (more than two hours), as UV and/or heat exposure for extended periods can degrade the product. Stored product should be inspected regularly to ensure it is in a usable state. Wall mount and under-truck mount storage containers are available for quick and easy access at all times. Available in a variety of sizes in square, rectangular or circular shapes to suit your needs.

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