Ty-Flot Quick Switch Tool Lanyard System

Ty-Flot Quick Switch Tool Lanyard System

Ty-Flot Quick-Switch Tool Lanyards are a revolutionary system used to connect tools when working at heights. This system is designed to keep tools connected at all times, including during tool transfers, and reduce the risk of tools being dropped on persons or property below. There are no dangling cords to interfere while walking, climbing or working and injuries to the user as a result of dropped tools on swinging lanyards or retractors are eliminated. The Quick-Switch system has added longevity over conventional bungee and coil style lanyards, ultimately saving money. It eliminates the need for retractor replacement due to wear or work hardening win conventional retractor pockets. Multiple tools can be used at one time without entanglement and tools are interchangeable from hand to hand in seconds while maintaining positive control. This system features stainless steel screw gate carabiners to prevent accidental release of tools and tethers are reinforced with a protective tube to prevent accidental damage. Rated up to 6 lbs.

Video: 10 Benefits of the Ty-Flot Quick Switch Tool Lanyard System

Various Quick-Switch tool storage accessories are available to allow for 100% retention during transfers:  

  • Quick-Switch Tool Buckets: velcro closure or open top, rated up to 180 lbs, available with 4 or 6 tool docks, available in collapsible or rigid bodies, 12" diameter x 15" deep.
  • Quick-Switch Tool Pockets: available in several configurations including single, dual, dual extra deep, three pocket, tool pockets for hammer/ratchets or tapes
  • Quick-Switch Tool Saddles: saddle-mount style aprons for small maintenance jobs, available in 2 or 4 pocket saddles (per side), support straps to secure it in place, custom sizes available
  • Quick-Switch Tool Aprons: for use on hand rails for small maintenance activities, standard widths are 30", adjustable to varying mid-rails, custom sizes available

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