Tramex CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter

Tramex CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter

The Tramex CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter is a digital non-destructive meter for measuring moisture content instantly in concrete floors and floor screeds. Incorporating a plug-in port for an optional pin-type wood probe and a relative humidity probe, this is the ideal all-in-one instrument for the flooring professional. It measures to 7% moisture content in concrete and 7% to 40% moisture content in wood with optional wood probes. The optional relative humidity probe provides clear digital display with simultaneous reading for humidity in both (%RH) and grains/lb or grams/kg in addition to temperature and dew point temperature. It also has a detachable 2/5" (10mm) diameter stainless steel RH probe which can be recalibrated.

Weight: 319 g (11.2 oz)
Dimensions: 6" x 3.5" x 1.5"

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