Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit

Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit

The Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit offers significantly increased protection compared to an N95 disposable respirator. This kit will reduce the number of masks needed as Sundstrom half mask respirators are reusable and can be easily decontaminated in a 5-minute alcohol bath. With proper care, this kit will last the user up to 18 months -- the time estimated by the World Health Organization that it will take a pandemic incident to run its course.

This kit contains:

  • SR 100 half mask respirator
  • SR 510 particulate filter
  • SR 221 prefilter
  • SR 5153 prefilter holder
  • SR 322 user seal check disc
  • ID label
  • Storage box
  • User manual

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