Safety Whips LED Whip Lights

Safety Whips LED Whip Lights

Safety Whips LED Whip Lights are the brightest whip lights available, making them visible night and day from long distances. They are break resistant, enclosed in polycarbonate tubing and offer 100,000 working hours. They fit the 1156 sockets on your fiberglass or stainless steel Safety Whip. Various colour combinations available to suit your needs, custom colours also available.

  • Strobing Animation, 6 lights, 12 V:blue, white, blue/white, green/white, green, amber/green, amber, amber/white, amber/red, red/white, red, re/white/blue.
  • Strobing Animation, 8 lights, 12 V: red, amber, blue, white, green, red/white/blue/red, red/green/blue/amber.
  • Super bright non-flashing, 1 light, 12 V: red, green, blue, amber, white.
  • Mine specification non-flashing, 8 lights, 12 V: red, amber/red, amber.

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