No Exit (With Prohibition Circle)

No Exit (With Prohibition Circle)

Clearly convey exit and directional messages with this bright, easy to read safety sign.

  • Header: None
  • Body message: NO EXIT (with prohibition circle)
  • Body colour: Black text with red border and picto on white background
  7 x 10 10 x 14
Vinyl Decal ESS-V-0710-0H-00189-P ESS-V-1014-0H-00189-P
Coroplast ESS-C-0710-0H-00189-P ESS-C-1014-0H-00189-P
Styrene ESS-S-0710-0H-00189-P ESS-S-1014-0H-00189-P
Aluminum ESS-A-0710-0H-00189-P ESS-A-1014-0H-00189-P

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