Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Paper

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Paper

Rite in the Rain is a patented, environmentally responsible, all-weather writing paper that sheds water and enables you to write anywhere, in any weather. Using a pencil or all-weather pen, Rite in the Rain ensure that your notes survive the rigors of the field, regardless of the conditions.

In spite of Rite in the Rain's durability, it is totally recyclable as standard paper, which is untrue of synthetic or poly-coated papers. Simply recycle Rite in the Rain as you do other white or printed papers. The unique "Polydura" covers used on the notebooks contains post-consumer recycled materials and are also recyclable. Even the processes used to make Rite in the Rain products were designed to have an ultra-low impact on the environment and 100% of the printing inks used are soy-based.

Rite in the Rain 20 and 32 lb papers are archival quality paper and will last several hundred years under normal use. So not only will it survive the elements, it will survive the attic! All Rite in the Rain books and copier papers are made from these grades.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Paper is available in several formats and various shapes and sizes, including:

  • Bound books
  • Spiral notebooks (blank and pre-printed log books)
  • Stapled notebooks
  • Pre-printed planners and workbooks
  • Copier/laser paper
  • Inkjet paper
  • Wide format rolls and sheets
  • Vinyl labels
  • Loose-leaf sheets
  • Grid paper
  • Index cards

Various covers and accessories also available for use with Rite in the Rain paper products.

See it in action!
Video: Rite in the Rain - It Works!
Video: Wet Paper Test - Rite in the Rain vs. Plain Paper

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