Protecta Dual-Ring Cable Tie-Off Adaptor

Protecta Dual-Ring Cable Tie-Off Adaptor

The Protecta Dual-Ring Cable Tie-Off Adaptor is a lightweight and extremely durable anchor designed to provide an alternative to "choker" style anchors, and is a safe replacement for material handling slings being used for fall protection. This adaptor allows the user to simply slide for repositioning without disconnecting or loosening. It's portable and reusable design provides added versatility and the durable 1/4" (6.35 mm) galvanized steel construction ensures longevity. The D-ring and carabiners are made of zinc-plated forged allot steel. The dual-ring design provides a safe, compatible connection that is fall arrest rated for personnel, replacing incompatible "basket" type configurations such as used with some slings, or slings requiring multiple hooks into a single connecting element or connecting combinations of hooks or carabiners together. Available in 3, 4 and 6 ft lengths with either crimped or Flemish eye terminations.

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