PortaGas Calibration Gas Cylinders

PortaGas Calibration Gas Cylinders

Your gas detector is only as good as the calibration gas you use! PortaGas calibration gases are made in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to the highest accuracy with traceability to N.I.S.T. Each cylinder is labeled with a lot number and expiration date and the stability of each mix is guaranteed. Cylinders are designed to be light and portable and use PortaGas patented regulators. PortaGas manufactures all commonly requested calibration gases and mixes. Other gases are available upon request.

PortaGas patented regulators:

  • The 100 Series Preset Constant Flow Regulator offers unequaled quality and performance. With their unique diaphragm design, these regulators will hold their preset flow, even as the cylinder pressure is depleted. The knurled on/off knob provides easy grip, even with gloves on.
  • The Flow Matching Regulator Device is designed for instruments with sample draw pumps. They are an excellent solution to overcome the inconveniences of using sample bags or inefficient T-assemblies. The Flow Matching Regulator will also provide excellent readability of sensor response to the calibration gas opposed to sampling bags.

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