Phoenix R125 LGR Dehumidifier

Phoenix R125 LGR Dehumidifier

The Phoenix R125 is the first 65 pint LGR dehumidifier. The R125 offers high quality restoration drying performance in the WTRDHM category at entry-level pricing. It utilizes new patent-pending LGR technology that produces maximum grain depression and removes water long after conventional dehumidifiers stop. As a result, structures, contents and materials dry quicker, allowing you to get to your next job faster. At only 79 lbs and with a compact footprint, the R125 fits virtually anywhere you need to dry. The R125 combines Phoenix innovation, technical expertise and proven durability into a small, portable and durable roto-mould housing. In addition to its compact size and superior performance, the unit features high energy efficiency, front cord and hose storage, a ductable outlet, a pleated media filter, and a rotating handle for stacking, transport and storage.

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Dimensions: 20" W x 30" H x 17" D
Weight: 79 lbs

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