Phoenix FireBird Fury Electric Heat Drying System

Phoenix FireBird Fury Electric Heat Drying System

The Phoenix FireBird Fury Electric Heat Drying System has double the heating capacity of the industry-leading FireBird and the flexibility of operating on multiple power sources. The Fury can operate on any combination of up to six standard 120V 15 amp circuits, delivering up to 30,000 BTUs from 120V power. The Fury can also utilize 240V power from a 30 amp dryer circuit (18,000 BTUs), for a total of 62,000 BTUs with all circuits running. This product features 750 CFM of airflow for a safe temperature rise and maximum heat circulation. With its integrated 12" inlet and outlet duct connections and included remote thermostat, the FireBird Fury can effectively deliver heat and control temperature even into remote or inaccessible spaces. The Fury utilizes a startup delay to prevent potentially dangerous arcing/sparking on startup. As an additional convenience and safety feature, all heating elements are shielded in a double wall enclosure to ensure all external surfaces are safe to touch. Internal pressure switches and temperature cutouts disable the heating elements if blocked airflow or dangerous overheating conditions are detected. The FireBird Fury provides maximum flexibility and control in maintaining desired temperatures on the job site. The multiple power options offered by the Fury will minimize the need to reconfigure your customer's electrical service or bring in outside generators.

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Dimensions: 20.25" W x 40" H x 21.4" D
Weight: 105 lbs

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