Pelican 0550 Transport Protective Case

Pelican 0550 Transport Protective Case

The Pelican 0550 Transport Protective Case provides 11 cubic feet of mobile storage space and was built to be moved by forklift, by wheel or by hand. It has four extra-deep base-to-lid locking cleats ensure maximum stacking stability and easy-open Double Throw latches. It is designed as an open cell core with a solid wall design, making it strong yet lightweight. The reinforced honeycomb deck and lid provide added strength while the O-ring seal enures an IP55 dust and water resistant seal. The 0550 Transport Case also has integrated automatic pressure equalization valves, double-wide grip fold down handles to makes lifting easy, and stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors. The locking metal Lidstays keep the lid locked in an open position. Optional pallet riser kit, caster wheel kit with brakes, and exterior document container available.

Weight: 95 lbs, 79.2 lbs without foam
Dimensions: 51.05" L x 27.54" W x 22.79" D (exterior), 47.57" L x 24.07" W x 17.68" D (interior)

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