Omnitec Watchman Differential Pressure Monitor

Omnitec Watchman Differential Pressure Monitor

The Omnitec Watchman Differential Pressure Monitor is designed for monitoring differential pressure in work areas on abatement and restoration projects. It is simple to setup outside the containment with a tubing connection from the Watchman to the contained work area. With containment air pressure monitoring using the Watchman DP monitor, work space integrity can be closely observed, preventing hazardous leaks from containment areas. Each Watchman is fully contained in a molded plastic carrying case for convenient transport from site to site, including the instrument unit, power supply, and the PVC connection tubing. Weighing under 3 lbs, the Watchman can be set up in minutes requiring only a standard 115V power source. This device also features an LCD display and one step pushbutton calibration.

It provides an accurate measurement of the air pressure difference between a containment and surrounding area. Visual and audible alarms are triggered when the pressure drops below the pre-set limit. The "Silence" button will turn off the audible alarm and the red alarm light will change from a flashing to a solid light. The red light will remain on until the differential pressure returns to the normal range which will reset the alarm system.

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  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14" W x 3.25" D x 11" H
  • Differential pressure range: 0 to 0.100" WC (optional pressure ranges up to +/- 25" WC are available)
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% of full range

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