Omnitec PEROx Air Purifiers

Omnitec PEROx Air Purifiers

Omnitec PEROx Air Purifiers are a powerful tool at fire and flood restoration projects, mold abatement sites, and for control of VOC's, odor and bio-contaminants. The PEROx purification process utilizes ionized hydro-peroxides oxidizer plasma, which rapidly sanitizes the air passing through and continues to seek bio-contaminants in surrounding air and on hard surfaces. This process creates positively charged particles which both repel each other forcing distribution, and attract to surfaces making sanitizing hard to reach spaces more efficient. The ionized hydrogen peroxide disperses like a gas and attaches to all surfaces in the containment area destroying bio-contaminants immediately. Because ionized hydro-peroxides are not affected by temperature or humidity, PEROx air purifiers can be used in a wide range of applications and environments. These portable units can safely operate in occupied areas and control odors during the restoration process and during the final cleanup.

When the job is complete, unused oxides convert back to H2O and O2 within 15 minutes with no chemical residue or additional decontamination required. This makes PEROx one of the most environmentally friendly air purifier methods on the market. This purification process constantly occurs in nature and has been used in thousands of HVAC installations with no known health risks. Independent safety tests performed on hydro-peroxide gas molecules have shown concentrations of 0.01 ppm are an effective infection control and microbial threat agent.

There are four models of PEROx Air Purifiers available:

  • Highly portable PEROx PG and PG-3 units are designed to be connected by flex duct to the exhaust from OmniAire machines or to the intake side of any air mover. (Pictured left.)
  • PEROX 1000 and 1000-3 units contain an integrated 1000 CFM blower and can be set up and running in seconds. (Pictured right.)

See them in action!
Video: Omnitec PEROx PG and 1000 Air Purifiers

PG PG-3 1000 1000-3
Airflow Recommended: 100-2000 CFM
(supplied from external fan)
300-850 CFM
(from integrated blower)
Weight 18 lbs 20 lbs 32 lbs 33 lbs
Air purifier 1 x Hydro-peroxide generator 2 x Hydro-peroxide generators 1 x Hydro-peroxide generator 2 x Hydro-peroxide generators

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