OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit

OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit

The OdorKlenz Subfloor Treatment Kit is designed to be used after normal carpet surface cleaning and spot treatments as an added level of odor elimination to padding and subflooring. OdorKlenz is simply injected below the surface and allowed to remain in place. This offers long-term odor maintenance to areas that had significant contamination, without removing or disturbing carpet. It is successful in treating a variety of odors including bodily fluids, pet odors and food and beverage spills.

The kit contains:

  • (1) dispensing tube with needle
  • (10) OdorKlenz treatment packets
  • (1) plastic container for mixing

Each treatment packet is designed to treat a 6-8 square inch area. All that is needed is clean water to mix in the treatment for continued odor elimination. The treatment is a detergent-free, non-toxic formula.

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