North Survivair Mask Mount PAPR

North Survivair Mask Mount PAPR

The North Survivair Mask Mount PAPR (powered air purifying respirator system is lightweight, weighing only 59 ounces. It has a powerful motor that provides high air flow rates which exceed NIOSH requirements for loose and tight fitting headpieces. It features a long-lasting battery pack (rated 8-hour battery charge to last a full work shift) with trouble-free recharging that is also water resistant. The silicone face piece offers high durability and unmatched comfort. The speaking diaphragm enhances wearer communication. This PAPR kit includes the facepiece, blower, battery, battery charger, power cord, HE filter, belt and air flow tester. Available with your choice of either the Survivair Opti-Fit (5-pt. strap or mesh headnet) facepiece or the Survivair 4000 facepiece (4-pt. or 5-pt. strap).

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