Moldex Battleplugs Impulse Earplugs

Moldex Battleplugs Impulse Earplugs

Moldex Battleplugs Impulse Earplugs use a unique filter built into the plug body to instantaneously reduce dangerous, sudden impulse noises (e.g. weapons fire) plus allow for easy communication and improved awareness in the cap open position, all while keeping the earplugs in-ear. This dual mode feature provides NRR 9dB protection when in the open position (for hearing commands and for loud blasts) and NRR 24dB protection when in the closed position (for continuous/steady noise). BattlePlugs can be washed and reused. Each bag contains a pair of BattlePlugs and a cord, Pocket-Pak carrying case, chain, and instructions. The Pocket-Pak carrying case keeps plugs clean when not in use and has a smooth shape with no sharp edges to allow it to easily slide into your pocket. Available in small, medium and large sizes; colour coded for easy size identification.

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