Mintie ECU3 Environmental Containment Unit

Mintie ECU3 Environmental Containment Unit

The Mintie ECU3 Environmental Containment Unit is a collapsible, portable containment product to control the spread of airborne particulates during construction, renovation and maintenance. It combines wall and ceiling access into a single unit with four doors, two convenience ports and a permit pouch. It is a lightweight, reusable unit that can easily be deployed by one person in 10-15 minutes depending on the model. This provides cost-effective and simpler compliance when compared to other methodologies of containment. The ECU3 is backwards compatible with the previous model ECU2 unit and accessories.

The flat floor truss allows easy access for carts, gurneys, beds and wheelbarrows and the large, sturdy wheel housings can absorb heavy usage making the unit easily transported to other sites and from point to point on the job site. Two or more ECU3 units can be combined to allow two persons on ladders working side by side to create a larger containment space. Users can create an anteroom/air lock for level 4 requirements or add the Corridor Flange to contain entire corridors or floors. The longer modular cuff accessory can be used to create a contained protective staging area and an air lock for spacial separation of the project space. This unit also has wide, non-skid polyurethane wheels and a collapsible two-piece top frame assembly with foam strip, requiring minimal storage space.

Collapsed dimensions: 12" x 12" x 66"
Extended dimensions: 34" x 61" (footprint), 7 x 10.6' (height)
Weight: 44.7 lbs

Mintie Mobile Platform also available for transport and repositioning.

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