Mintie ECU-CC Ceiling Cavity Dust Containment Unit

Mintie ECU-CC Ceiling Cavity Dust Containment Unit

The Mintie ECU-CC Ceiling Cavity Dust Containment Unit is a collapsible, portable containment unit engineered to control the spread of dust and airborne contaminants when performing building maintenance functions and other projects above the ceiling cavity. Ideal for multiple, quick-entry jobs, it can also be safely secured for longer-term projects. Its single unit, standardized size makes it a clear, convenient alternative to poles and plastic sheeting. The operator simply wheels it into position, extends and secures against the ceiling. Paired with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine, the ECU Ceiling Cavity provides total compliancy and is ready to begin work.

The ECU Ceiling Cavity is capable of reaching ceiling heights ranging from 7'6" to 9'5", and can be extended to a maximum height of 10'6" with a separate height extension kit. Its 58" x 28" footprint will accommodate both 6' and 8' commercial-grade ladders.

The frame is lightweight and collapsible, weighing 45 lbs. It features a two-piece top frame assembly with foam strip, flat floor truss and sturdy, non-skid polyurethane wheels. The envelope weighs 15 lbs, has one 20.5" door, two clear panel windows measuring 14" x 40", a double-reinforced floor and a clear pouch to display work/infection control permit. It also has two negative air machine ports, an 11" round port with drawstring and seal, and a 3.5" round HEPA vacuum port with draw string and seal.

Mintie Mobile Platform also available for transport and repositioning.

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