Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device

Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device

The Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device was designed to allow you to easily and naturally climb wood poles in a position that is both comfortable and ergonomically accepted, eliminating room for error and increasing safety. The only wood pole product of its type, it provides a straightforward solution, allowing workers to climb naturally and instinctively. The unique spring-loaded cinching feature keeps the unit in constant contact around the pole and its minimal points of adjustment make worker training quick and easy. This device will accommodate wood poles ranging from 20" to 60" in circumference and the unique gaffs provide excellent stopping power on dry, wet, or icy poles. The attached gaff pullers feature an easy to grasp design, even when wearing heavy duty linemans's gloves, and the compact, heavy-duty strap keeps worker closer to the pole to facilitate arm's length work. The zippered spring cover allows for convenient 100% inspection and easy access to clean spring components.

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