MSA Altair 4X Mining Multigas Detector

MSA Altair 4X Mining Multigas Detector

The MSA ALTAIR 4X Mining Multigas Detector is driven by XCell Sensor Technology with ASIC design, incorporating an Ex-M Combustible Sensor optimized for methane detection. In addition to improved response time, this sensor provides an additional level of accuracy and sensitivity. This dependable mining gas detector also provides improved runtime of more than 30 hours. It tests for LEL, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide and can be configured with XCell CO/NO2 sensor for diesel applications. Sensor response and clear times is less than 15 seconds, reducing gas usage for bump testing and calibration. It offers greater accuracy and repeatability within changing environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and pressure) and digital sensors offer increased RF (radio frequency) immunity, eliminating false alarms from radios. The Altair 4X Mining Gas Detector provides accurate CO readings from 0-2000 ppm with an industry-first CO/NO2 combination sensor with wide range and fast response times. The increased methane sensor poison resistance decreases down time and frequency of sensor replacements. Sensor life of this device greatly exceeds industry average, and the end-of-sensor life warning gives advanced notice of failing sensors.

The MSA Altair 4X Mining Multigas Detector provides lasting durability for harsh environments. It has an IP67 ingress protection rating, making it dust-tight and water-tight while completely submerged in 3 feet of water for 60 minutes. It withstands extreme impacts with the rugged polycarbonate housing and passes a 20-ft drop test onto concrete. The rubberized instrument over-molding acts as an additional armor shield and the patented catalytic bead support wire protects the methane sensor from shock. It is available in standard charcoal colour or high-visibility glow-in-the-dark (pictured), ideal for mining and confined space applications.

This multigas detector provides life-saving performance with a 24-hour compliance tick mark display indication and clear visual indication of testing and operational compliance. It is available for up to four gases within one small package (CH4, CO, O2, H2S, or NO2). The large back-lit LCD display makes measurement readings easy to see and the four bright LED lights on all instrument corners make alarms visible from all directions. It also has a loud 95dB audible horn. The selectable MotionAlert feature uses an internal accelerometer to indicate "man down" and sound alarm.'

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Interactive Simulator: MSA Altair 4X Multigas Detector

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