MSA Advantage 420 Half Mask Respirator

MSA Advantage 420 Half Mask Respirator

The MSA Advantage 420 Respirator is the superior option for respiratory protection with its UniBond over-mold facepiece, AnthroCurve™ face seal, and low profile design. The over-mold facepiece and face seal ensure the unit provides an excellent fit and comfort to the wearer, and the downward-facing exhalation valve avoids projection of exhaled humid air to reduce faceshield fogging. The unique four-point yoke allows a user to easily don and doff the state-of-the-art respirator while maintaining a customized fit. Drop-down mode, enabled by the Sure-Lock yoke lever, allows for mask removal and safe carrying of the respirator on the chest while still wearing head protection. This respirator also features a ComforTop harness assembly that eliminates pressure points on the user's head and improves comfort, especially when wearing head protection. The adjustable headband adapts quickly to different head sizes and the wide straps minimize twisting and neck abrasion.

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Video: MSA Advantage 400 Series Half-Mask Respirator
Video: Donning MSA's Advantage 400 Series Half-Mask Respirator
Video: MSA Advantage 420 Respirator Cartridge Installation

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