Lind Equipment Beacon Heavy Duty Portable LED Floodlights

Lind Equipment Beacon Heavy Duty Portable LED Floodlights

Lind Equipment Beacon Heavy Duty Portable LED Floodlights use the newest LED technology and are as bright as a 500W quartz halogen light. Beacon Lights project a wide, shadow-free flood of crisp bright white light via a 30W or 50W LED integrated chip, which is solid state construction and can therefore endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking the LEDs. Also, these floodlights will provide an instant start in even the coldest location, yet are cool running and safe to touch even when left operating for hours and days on end. They also use significantly less energy - 90% less than a 500W quartz halogen light.

The 30W version provides 3,000 lumens, weighs 6 lbs and measures 7.25" H x 9" W x 5.25" D. The 50W version provides 5,000 lumens, weighs 10 lbs and measures 9.25" H x 12" W x 5.5" D. (Weight and dimensions apply to light heads only.)

Several different models of Beacon Floodlights are available. All include 15 ft of 18/3 SJOW cord with a 5-15P plug and are cETLus approved.

  • Light head and yoke only
  • Single light head mounted on a 4-8' tripod
  • Dual light heads mounted on a 4-8' tripod; individual switches for each light allow for multiple light levels (pictured left)
  • Light head mounted on an aluminum floor stand (pictured bottom right)
  • Light head with two 130 lb pull-strength magnets on the yoke; yoke is extra-strong ruggedized version on this model (pictured top right)
  • Light head with high strength adjustable clamp for mounting on scaffolding, ladders or other surfaces

Construction options for Beacon Floodlights include:

  • Tempered glass lenses (standard) or optional virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses
  • Ruggedized version for abusive environments or extreme operator handling; includes extra thick yoke, SOW cable, stronger strain relief for extra protection against cord fatigue, and shatter guard film on the lens to protect against shards should the lens get broken

See it in action!
Video: Beacon 50W Floodlight Cold Weather Start Up
Video: Beacon Floodlight Ruggedized Version Features

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