International Ozone Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer

International Ozone Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer

International Ozone's Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer is for use with the Titan 4000 to make it perform more efficiently, saving you time and money on the job. True hydroxyl generators utilize water vapor in the atmosphere to create hydroxyl radicals. The Titan 4000 technology works by creating a reaction between UVA, Ti02 and H20 to break apart the water molecule (H20) and create a single hydrogen atom (H) and a hydroxyl radical (OH). This hydroxyl radical will disperse into the air and deodorize, oxidize and deactivate airborne microbials while remaining 100% safe for use in occupied areas. The Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer uses ultrasonic technology to produce a very fine cold water vapor. The Maximizer is placed right behind a Titan Hydroxyl Generator and will increase the direct intake of humidity which increases the hydroxyl production. The Titan 4000 will use the extra humidity from the Maximizer but will not raise the relative humidity in the room. Once the humidity is processed by the machine, it is no longer a water molecule and instead it is a hydroxyl radical. During testing, when the intake humidity was measured and compared to the humidity in the exhaust, there was a 15% to 40% drop in the humidity level.

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