Impacto ErgoMates Anti-Fatigue Soles

Impacto ErgoMates Anti-Fatigue Soles

Impacto ErgoMates Anti Fatigue Soles have been designed to reduce impact shock, fatigue, pain and discomfort when standing or walking on hard surfaces for an extended period of time. The patented design effectively allows the muscles to expand and contract naturally as they adjust to the flexibility and subtle give-and-take of the cushioning material. This improves circulation, minimizing fatigue from standing and cumulative trauma from working and walking on concrete, insulating the worker from the negative effects of impact shock, vibration and cold floors. They feature an anti-fatigue foam cushion (EVA) inner sole and a two-layer extruded polymer (PVC) superior anti-slip lower sole with dual sealed edges (welded and sewn). The patented strapping system easily secures to your work boot and incorporates adjustable strapping, including fully adjustable heel straps, and nose cap to securely fit over most footwear. ErogMates soles feature a unique self cleaning tread design and easily cleanable surfaces. They are durable in wet environments and resistant against most oils, solvents and cleaning agents.

ErgoMates are available in a variety of models to suit your needs.

  • ErgoMates: Original ErgoMates are suitable for all industries and any situation requiring prolonged standing or walking.
  • ErgoMates Lite: Exceptional fit for the occasional user, lighter individuals(<150lbs), and for those recovering from lower body, leg, foot or related MSD injuries.
  • ErgoMates H2O: Sealer in upper and lower soles protects against cross contamination in food industry applications and makes for easier cleaning. Resistant against most oils, solvents and cleaning agents.
  • ErgoMates ICE & ICER: Outdoor ErgoMates designed for anyone required to be walking, standing or working on ice or snow. Incorporates 32 titanium anti-spark cleats mounted into a PVC packet then embedded in EVA anti-fatigue foam core, holding cleats steady during contact with the ground. ICER model has retractable cleats.

ErgoMates are available in five different sizes to fit a variety of footwear.

Size Sneakers Work Boots
  Men Women Men Women
XS N/A 4-6 N/A 4-5
S 6-7 7-8 5-6 6-7
M 8-10 9-11 7-9 8-10
L 11-13 12-13 10-12 11-13
XL 14-16 N/A 13-15 N/A

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