ITC IR Roofing Inspection Training

The Infrared Roof Inspection training course is tailored to infrared camera users or practicing thermographers who desire focused training on roof moisture detection and roof inspection surveys for low slope and built up roofs. This two-day infrared training course discusses roofing types, typical problems, and how to perform IR inspections to detect roof moisture. The course includes details on the thermal imaging equipment needed, procedures, and safety issues. It also covers limitations based on roof construction, insulation type and weather conditions. How to prepare infrared roof inspection reports, survey follow-ups, and tips for marketing and selling your services are also covered. Please note that this course does not cover inspections on shingled roofs.

Course duration: 2 days
Prerequisite: None

Infrared Course Benefits

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the need to perform roof scans
  • Describe basic roof construction and composition
  • Describe how to perform roof inspections safely
  • Conduct a visual roof inspection (group exercise)
  • Describe several typical roof inspection and verification methods
  • Describe the principles of the science of infrared
  • Identify common roof moisture patterns including problems and non-problems
  • Conduct an evening roof inspection (group exercise)
  • List the three steps to creating a report using QuickReport software
  • Describe common business practices

To register, or for more information on this course, please email us at

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