Honeywell Fendall 2000 Portable Emergency Eyewash Station

Honeywell Fendall 2000 Portable Emergency Eyewash Station

The Honeywell Fendall 2000 Emergency Eyewash Station is highly portable and is easily moved when work stations move. It delivers 100% sterile saline from a 100% sterile delivery system and has a built in alarm systems that sounds when the unit has been activated and again when the injured individual has completed the required 15-minute flush. The cartridge has a 24-month life which saves time and money on replacements and frequent inspections, and the sterile solution expiry date can be easily checked using the easy-view side windows. The integrated waste containment system prevents spills and is easily emptied. Fendall 2000 Heated Accessory available for use in extremely cold work environments.


Dimensions - reservoir up: 17" L x 13.5" H x 32" D
Dimensions - reservoir down: 17" L x 13.5" H x 51.5" D
Capacity: 6.87 gallons

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