Hazmat Systems SafeStation MSDS and Safety Information System

Hazmat Systems SafeStation MSDS and Safety Information System

The Hazmat Systems SafeStation is a revolutionary way to manage your MSDS database and other safety information. This system will help health and safety managers take control of their databank, thus facilitating and expediting the transmission of this information to where it is truly needed: in the hands of your employees.

The SafeStation solution is comprised of three distinct products, all working together to create the most innovative and complete MSDS management system:

  • Revolutionary patent-pending SafeStation, offering a virtual binder of MSDS sheets and so much more to the shop floor, literally at the user's fingertips
  • Web-based MSDS management system, through which health and safety managers can easily manage their MSDS database
  • Web-based emergency services interface, which provides firefighters rapid access to the database in case of an emergency even before they get onsite

The SafeStation unit features a large 17" touch screen and buttons, making it easy to use, even with gloves on. It allows the worker to get access to MSDS sheets, safety procedures, emergency phone numbers, and so much more in just a few seconds. You can also print WHMIS and GHS compliant labels directly from the unit, as well as access documents and videos related to training, safety and emergency procedures. The unit itself is constructed of solid aluminum to protect it from the rough environment of a plant or workshop.

The web-based online management system interface allows you to update your MSDS's and any additional health and safety information pertinent to your organization, such as safety policies, documents and videos. The information will be automatically transmitted to all of your SafeStations. The online system allows for an unlimited number of MSDS's, users and sites, and will warn you when MSDS's are about to expire. The MSDS's are indexed, allowing for quick searching. A managed MSDS service is also available, whether it be for setting up your initial database or for keeping it up to date, thus freeing up your time for more important things.

You can also control the SafeStation's screensaver through the online interface, making communication with workers even easier. Options for display are numerous, including number of days without injury (with auto increment), countdown to a specific event (with auto decrease), health and safety reminders and tips, or integrate images and videos. Utilizing the SafeStation in this way can replace your old safety scoreboard, and each SafeStation can have a unique screensaver.

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