Grayling Industries Control Low Odor Mastic Remover

Grayling Industries Control Low Odor Mastic Remover

Grayling Industries Control Mastic Removers are specifically formulated to liquefy the toughest cured floor tile adhesives on asbestos abatement projects while keeping your workers and building occupants safe and comfortable.

Control Low Odor Mastic Remover is a safe, active solvent for dissolving asphaltic floor tile mastics and adhesives. The product is a low odour blend of organic hydrocarbons, ideal for areas where chemical odours may cause concern. This fast acting formula has a high penetrant content which quickly softens the mastic minutes after complete saturation. In many cases the adhesives can be completely liquefied using a push broom and squeegee with this product. The formula also wets out asbestos fibers preventing them from becoming airborne. Also, the product contains special emulsifiers which aid in preparing the surface for new adhesives. This product offers a very economical way of tackling difficult to remove floor tile adhesives.

Product Data: C19105 (5 gallon pail)

Type: Aliphatic and aromatic solvent
Colour: Clear
Odour: Mild solvent
Kauri-Butanol Value: 37
Vapor Density: 5.0
Boiling Point: 346° - 385°F
Flash Point: 141°F
Flammable Limits: LEL: 0.9
Weight: 6.72 lbs per gallon
Specific Gravity: 0.807
Shelf Life: 1 year
Reactivity: Stable
HMIS: 2-2-0
Application: Manual, airless
Coverage: up to 200 sq. ft/gallon
Clean-up: Water and detergent
Solubility: Water emulsifiable

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