Geroline Devisys Intrinsic Anti-Slip Heel-Stop

Geroline Devisys Intrinsic Anti-Slip Heel-Stop

The Devisys Anti-Slip Heel Stop fits most kinds of a footwear and is a convenient and proven solution to adding traction to your step. The body of the product is constructed of freeze resistant rubber which remains flexible even in extreme temperatures. The evenly distributed, spark-resistant studs on the heel are made from long-lasting aluminum to resist wear and tear. The back strap also has a reflective strip for additional pedestrian safety. It also features an easy-on, easy-off Velcro strap, as the Devisys Anti-Slip Heel Stop should be removed when indoors to prevent damage to floors and other surfaces.

The Devisys Intrinsic model is certified against sparking in multiple explosive production atmospheres, making them ideal for use in industries such as mining, and oil and gas. Devisys Intrinsic heel-stops should always be worn with suitable ESD footwear in explosive production atmospheres.

Available in the following sizes

  • M - 6-1/2 to 9 (women's), up to 6-1/2 (men's)
  • L - 9-1/2 to 14 (women's), 7 to 11-1/2 (men's)
  • XL - 14+ (women's), 12 to 17-1/2 (men's)
  • XXL - 17+ (men's)

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