Franmar Blue Bear 670AF Antifouling Paint Remover

Franmar Blue Bear 670AF Antifouling Paint Remover

Franmar Blue Bear 670AF Antifouling Paint Remover (formerly Soy Strip Marine Coating Remover) cuts through multiple years of coatings and tough bottom paints on commercial and recreational boats. The gelled formula clings under boats effectively. It contains no methylene chloride. It is made from soybeans and is biodegradable, meeting or exceeding ASTM standards. Coverage per square foot varies depending on type and age of coating, number of layers and method of application. Average coverage for horizontal applications is 125 square feet per gallon (max 200 square feet per gallon) and 75 square feet per gallon for vertical applications.

Application: Using a commercial air sprayer (tip of .519 or larger recommended), HVLP sprayer (4 stage turbine with 2.5mm tip/needle), or with a brush (using a globbing method), apply 670AF as thick as possible to dry surface. Start at the keel, work your way upward to the water line, and allow 670AF to soften coatings.

Clean-Up: Check the progress of the stripping action periodically by using a scraper. If coatings are softened down to the surface, remove using a scraping tool or power washer. After removing coatings, scrub surfaces with water and rinse well. Dispose of removed coatings according to local landfill regulations. If reapplication is needed, repeat process.

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