Franmar Blue Bear 600GL Coatings Remover

Franmar Blue Bear 600GL Coatings Remover

Franmar Blue Bear 600GL Coatings Remover (formerly Soy Gel Paint and Urethane Remover) is easy to use and has powerful removal properties. With three times the coverage rate of traditional petroleum removers, 600GL effectively removes multiple layers of topical sealers, acrylics, enamels, urethanes, latex, some epoxies, and other single-component coatings. Made with soybeans, 600GL is a safe, low-odour, non-caustic, green coating remover. It is 100% biodegradable, meeting or exceeding ASTM standards, and is safe for your hands, your work, and your customers. Coverage per square foot varies depending on type and age of coating, number of layers and method of application. Average coverage for horizontal applications is 125 square feet per gallon (max 200 square feet per gallon) and 75 square feet per gallon for vertical applications. 600GL is safe for use on concrete, masonry, wood, and metal; do not use on PVC, drywall, limestone, plastic, veneer, terrazzo tile, or rubber.

Application: Apply a thick layer of 600GL by pouring, brushing, squeegee, or commercial airless sprayer. Applying too thin will cause 600GL to dry out before removal is complete. Use a scraper to check if the coating is softened down to the surface. If not, wait longer and recheck. When the coating is completely softened, remove with a scraper.

Clean-Up: Use Blue Bear 700DG Degreaser or water and a scrub brush, mop, or power washer to clean remaining thin residue. Remove excess coating(s) and 600GL before usng a power washer for final cleaning. Allow surface to dry before further preparations.

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