FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter

FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter

The FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is the first of its kind. Equipped with a built-in thermal camera, MR160 is the only moisture meter with the power to show you exactly where to measure. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™) technology, the MR160 helps you quickly scan and target moisture issues, visually guiding you to the spot where you can confidently take measurements and analyze readings. Targeting is easy with the laser pointer and display cross-hairs.

An integrated pinless sensor and an external pin probe provide the flexibility to take either intrusive or non-intrusive measurements. Built tough with an industry-leading warranty, the MR160 can serve as your go-to troubleshooting tool right out of the box – or as the perfect complement to any high resolution thermal camera you already own, helping you find hidden moisture issues and capture reliable data more efficiently. Identify cold spots with the built-in 80 x 60 resolution thermal imager to locate areas of moisture, then verify the actual moisture level using the meter's pin and pinless moisture measurement functionality. Capture thermal images and moisture readings on one screen, then generate reports with free FLIR Tools software. The MR160 is portable, tough and durable with a drop-tested rugged design and a small form factor so you can easily carry it with you. The internal rechargeable battery can be charged via USB.

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Key specifications:

  • Thermal image resolution (W x H): 4800 pixels (80 x 60)
  • Field of view (W x H): 51° x 38°
  • Pin moisture via external probe range (accuracy): 0-100% WME (± 5%)
  • Pinless moisture range: 0-100 relative measurement
  • Pinless measurement depth: 0.75" (19mm) max

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