Fiberlock Piranha 4 Lead-Based Paint Remover

Fiberlock Piranha 4 Lead-Based Paint Remover

Fiberlock's Piranha 4 is a lemon-scented solvent-based gel formulated to remove multiple layers of lead-based paint. It starts removing most paints and stubborn coatings in less than one hour, without the use of dangerous chlorinated solvents, caustics or methylene chloride. It yields maximum coverage per gallon and provides excellent resistance to sagging, enabling it to cling to vertical and overhead surfaces. Its slow rate of evaporation keeps it active for hours. This product is ideally suited for paint removal from historically significant architectural components since it does not discolour or raise wood grain or require neutralization. Piranha 4 can be used on virtually any substrate to remove oil-based latex paint, elastomeric paint, cementitious asbestos paint, epoxy and urethane.

Learn more: Click here to download a product comparison overview of Piranha 2, Piranha 4 and Piranha 8, Piranha NexStrip Zero, Piranha NexStrip Pro and Piranha NexStrip 8.

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