Fiberlock Lag Kote II Lagging Encapsulant

Fiberlock Lag Kote II Lagging Encapsulant

Fiberlock's Lag Kote II is a bright white bridging encapsulant that is high in solids which provides maximum protection over asbestos containing material. Select Lag Kote II to encapsulate thermal insulation that will not be exposed to rust and/or sunlight. It is ideally suited to encapsulate interior pipe lagging, boiler jackets, breeching and other components of heating and ventilation systems. Its thick body minimizes dripping, cleanup and product waste while providing a smooth, washable, aesthetically superior finish that will provide years of protection. Lag Kote II is a flexible coating that can be applied over galvanized metal, wood, masonry or other sound surfaces to prevent the release of harmful asbestos fibers.

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