ESP Air Matrix Sorbent Pads and Rolls

ESP Air Matrix Sorbent Pads and Rolls

Air Matrix Sorbent Pads and Rolls use technology that produces sorbents that are made from recycled synthetic fibers. Air Matrix offers a synthetic alternative to natural fiber products such as Coldform 2. Thanks to unique manufacturing processes, this sorbent has extremely high absorbency rates, while at the same time it is very soft and drapable. Laminated on both the top and bottom, Air Matrix has good strength and durability. Various sized pads and rolls available to meet your needs.


Air Matrix pads and rolls are available in three types:

  • Maintenance (also known as Universal) absorbents are gray in color. As a general rule of thumb, if the spill has happened indoors use a gray product to absorb both oil- and water-based substances. They are technically referred to as hydrophilic.
  • Oil-only absorbents are white in colour and are best used outdoors to absorb just oil-based spills (gas, diesel, solvents). They are technically referred to as hydrophobic.
  • Chemical or toxic spills require polypropylene meltblown absorbents. These are yellow in colour and can be used indoors or outdoors. Please remember that chemical spills can be extremely hazardous and should not be cleaned up without the correct training or protective equipment.

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